Free food

A first for me during the lunchtime Uber round.

Somebody ordered 2 meals worth of Gormet Burge kitchen, which I collected and delivered to her address. However there was no answer when I called the buzzer, rang her mobile, or even knocked on the front door after gaining access to the stairwell. Uber gives customers 7 minutes to respond, otherwise I'm free to do what I want with the food and continue with my deliveries.

Conveniently the delivery address was just around the corner from my flat, so dropped it off there, continued with another 1hrs delivering and returned to see what free goodies I had acquired!

Fried Camembert beefburger, a chicken salad burger, with normal chips and sweet potato chips, and a strawberry milkshake.

Really don't understand how someone can totally forget they'd ordered about £30 worth of food, and then not pick up their phone... but I'm not complaining! 

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