musings of a Nepali girl

By Pratiksha


that we have got so used to. The cables are going in every possible direction.

Been reading about the history of Nepal and I read a book written by a British chap who came to Nepal in 1877 (fish). He is right about many things... and challenged my perspective on a few things. He basically calls the Nepali people a lazy race. He even writes that he might sound rude, but he says, he doesn't want to praise the people who do not deserve it. I wonder if he ever thought his book would one day be read by some Nepali and that the people would not always be illiterate etc. as he mentions...

Nepal was a closed Hindu Kingdom until the 1950s. For two reasons: the rulers didn't want the ever-growing empire of the British to invade the country, and as the country and religion (Hinduism) were basically one, they didn't want the foreign religion to get into the country. In the late 1700s, the country had expelled 60 Christians along with the few Capuchin Fathers. Very few foreigners came into the country and were all carefully monitored. On the other hand, Nepal lost in the war against the British Raj in India in 1814, British Company decided to control the country's foreign relations and strictly monitored their economy.

Still one of the most impoverished country in the world, Nepal was actually doing well in the 1800s until the war with the British. To many this is a matter of pride that the country was never under any Raj... and that the people of Nepal can now call themselves Nepali and can call their land Nepal... If not, perhaps we would have been a part of India and be called Indians? 

Despite the state of progress, sluggish development, poor infrastructure, the messy wire, the Nepali people are proud to call this beautiful place their home. Saying that there are many many issues in the country, and we want things to get better... we want clean air, good roads, education for all, better healthcare accessible for those in the cities and in remote villages, accountable and transparent governance at every level, women and girls enjoying equal rights... we want many things to change in this land of chaos. And we hope, one day, this will happen!

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