... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Wood Duck Head Turner

More resplendent in large.

An irritating looking afternoon, so I took myself to the Wetland Centre at Barnes in the morning... I, again, tried to photograph different creatures from usual (i.e. not the nibblers or escape artists). As it happened, three of the four nēnēs were AWOL, so that helped... I wasn't entirely successful on the emperor front (they're irresistiblly cute...), the magpie geese also begged to be photographed, and I felt obliged to keep the solitary nēnē company for a bit.

I did mostly end up with photographs of  goldeneyes, buffleheads (inc. diving), hooded mergansers, canvasbacks, falcated ducks, garganeys, and wood ducks.
Trying to catch their various iridescent plumages became my mission today, so I spent a lot of timing photographing the goldeneyes, buffleheads, and wood ducks, both the male and female of which are stunning, whether they're courting, flapping (drake or duck), preening, wringingshaking, staring, or snoozing...

Overindulge in waterfowl here (or right from Emperor goose grazing)

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