Just Me

By clive1079


I don't know if this fine couple voted Leave or Remain but by the expression on their faces they are as fed up with all the goings on as I am. 

Last night after I blipped I decided to try a bottle of non alcoholic red wine that I had bought in an attempt to reduce my alcohol consumption.
I've got to say that it was absolutely disgusting, so disgusting in fact that I had to wash the taste away with a real bottle.

Up early today as I was on taxi duty. Home to change all the quilt covers, sheets and pillow cases and do the housework. Then went out to get the food shopping (and real wine) for the week ahead. Back home and down to the gym for an hour and then back to see if I could get past level 2050 on Candy Crush (which I did!).
As you can see I am quite domesticated but I didn't really envisage that my newly acquired retirement would consist of so many chores!

It's a very grey day in Watford today so I doubt we will be able to see the meteor storm later, which I would have liked. I love all things astronomical.

So I will staying in this evening as it is so miserable out and will most likely will be playing online chess with some fellow grandmasters from around the world ;-) or maybe taking on level 2051.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

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