Yet another final goodbye!

So, I woke up before 6 and my busy mind set off, dashing from thought to anxiety, to fret to worry. Did I really lock the front door at the house? Don't remember doing it at all.... etc etc

I got up, had a coffee and decided a trip to the house was needed to settle me. We took the photos I forgot to take yesterday, of the attic stair carpet and Dad's hut in the yard. It was the lobby carpet in our home in Clayton-le-Moors, where I grew up. Dad cut it down for the attic stair in 1969 and I think we all love it. My idea is to do some art work using the pattern in some way. Keith took both the extras as I was busy...

Touching up the white paintwork which was spotty and dotty. My step-mother used various walkers in the house and a certain amount of crashing into things was inevitable. So I stirred up the paint and dotted the black bits, using my fingers as there were no brushes... It looks a lot neater now, the idea being to enhance the feeling of a house that has been loved and cared for - which it has! I ran out of time, but at least the first impression can be a positive one. 

We came back to base, Keith took himself and the dog out for a walk and I packed the cases. I bought another lightweight case and it is now full of things, presents for Christmas, special items from the house, pictures, tea, tea, tea, coffee (instant L'Or, unavailable in Sweden and a firm favourite) and Indian spices (bought this morning). We always go home with various treats in our cases, but this is probably the last time we are carrying childhood history in our luggage. The photos and the negatives will be in my hand baggage along with the ancient Christmas baubles from the 50s and 60s, you can't replace them if they go missing in transit!

I feel a lot calmer and more settled now we have had another go at leaving the house for good. We are both feeling a bit drained, but the sore throat and sniffly nose has also arrived in the house so it might be that. TGIF!

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