A Boy and his Dog

It has felt like a very long day. I have been to visit my mother and, I confess, I do not look forward to these occasions. The journey each way is 2-3 hours and very tedious.
This morning the drive there was fast with few holdups but the return trip made up for it - traffic ridden and slow. Mum is increasingly detached from the outside world and has little interest in anything happening but, at the same time, wanting to be in a different carehome or in her own 'little flat'. There's no way she could live on her own as she can't walk at all and can barely stand unaided.
I saw my brother for a cup of coffee and we agreed there's nothing more we can do to help her; we both feel the guilt that she is in this situation but it's the decision we had to make, although we know it's not ideal.

Home after the tedious drive of almost three hours. Edward arrived back from work just after me, sat down on the floor and Pepper climbed on board for a cuddle, even though she is a bit too big really. Cute.
A glass of wine needed I think!

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