simple moments

By simplemoments

the beginning...

...of the bud

or should i say

how it begins - it always fascinates me to see - these very tiny buds - forming on my christmas cactus plants - initially they're so small - i wonder if i'm seeing things - until they get just a tad bigger - then i know for sure i wasn't imagining - what i was seeing - for many years, all my plants remained dormant - not giving me any buds - no flowers at all - i began to believe i was a poor plant mama - then last year one of my plants - became laden with blossoms - and i was overjoyed

now this year - i don't know what has changed - or how to explain it - but every single plant has buds - they are filled with them - it might be because my new house - has better light than my old one - whatever the case, i am blessed - with this wonderful occurrence, for it has led to...


happy day.....

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