By HerbSusan

A trip to the moon on gossamer wings

Sorry folks but I’m leaving Blip - mainly due to finances. I only use Blip erratically and I REALLY need to stop spending money on things I don’t use.
As many of you know, I joined Blip because of Teleri (Chaiselongue https://www.blipfoto.com/chaiselongue) who died 5 years ago and I found a lot of you through her. Thanks for your encouragement and support - you really did sustain me at a difficult time.
Blip has got me hooked on photography and I never go anywhere without my little camera but I no longer feel the need to post.
I’ll miss you - but those who I’ve moved closest too have my email address, so I’m sure we’ll keep in touch.
So thank you all and I wish you and the community every success.
Herbsusan xxx

Louis Armstrong https://youtu.be/OxdVDH6qw4k

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