Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Autumn family, in the sunshine

More wallpaper was needed. The paper Dave hung in the stairs was bought in the late 60s, Anaglypta from Crown. It has been in continuous production for the last 110 years, and apparently was produced at the Crown factory up the road in Darwen. Small world.

Anyhow, we found it on sale in Bolton so we have had an afternoon over there, and had a sunny walk in Moses Gate Country Park. It was also a bird-poo-ey walk as there were hundreds of birds there, enjoying the water and the never-ending supply of food. Two of the Canada geese decided we were worth hissing at, but I explained that they were not to hiss at friendly visitors. The cheek! I don't think I've been that close to this many birds for ages, where I live they fly off if we come within 100 meters. Scaredy cats!

As soon as I got the camera out, Bramble posed nicely. What a well socialised creature she is. It's the Queen tribute band this evening, our suitcases are half packed and we're off home tomorrow afternoon. It will be lovely to be home (briefly), but it would be lovely to stay too. Mind you, I have filled my mince pie quota for November so it's just as well to go to a country where the only available mince pies are the ones you make yourself.

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