Dangerous.....but we all do it.

This area on Tillamook Bay is often photographed for the view with the Cormorants on a tree growing on top a rocky area in the Bay.....there is a very narrow space on that side of the road to stand and then that narrow cement barrier. The couple with their tiny dog were over there as cars whizzed by; he was taking photos of her and the dog sitting on the ledge.....he had to stand in the middle of the street and run back to that narrow area whenever a car came by.....the cars go about 45 MPH through here and they are coming around a curve.....so a pretty silly thing to do.....but I must admit I have stood on that edge taking sunset photos with the tree in the foreground. Oh well, as silly as it is, we get some great photos.  :-))
Needless to say that I drove over to the beach today. My hubby is still here since our new roof was installed the first of this week......it was nice to be back together.

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