Eyes propped open

From landing in a double decker aeroplane, we've switched to a propeller aircraft and a four-by-four taxi. We'd seen a giraffe within ten minutes of setting off for our accommodation and our driver was keen to tell us about the different types of 'antelope' (none of which were called antelope!)

As we were introduced to the staff and shown through to the viewing balcony, Rich said, 'that's not the back of a hippo is it?!' 

It was! He'd popped in for a dip last night after not being here for a while.

Adventure time! 

If that was it for the day, it would have been a pretty cool one. But, we were in time for an evening safari and did we want to go? Did we ever?!

Pretty shattered, the savannah breeze soon woke us up as we took in, with amazement, where we were. Day zero and we've had a full on safari adventure with almost all the animals you could hope to see including a Verreaux's eagle owl, or the giant eagle-owl, in the twilight.

We were dropped off at a surprise dinner barbecue where the food was outstanding.

And, at eleven minutes past nine, we fell into bed.

I didn't even count this as Day 1!

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