I'm Watching You!

A full day with the Digital Imaging Group of the RPS in Wokingham - so an hour's drive each way.  We heard Tracy Willis talk about her F panel using compositing and how she achieved the images - look her up -it's interesting.  In the afternoon Tracy showed us how to do a composited image - and made it look very straightforward; it isn't of course.

I thought I'd better have a go before I lost track of everything she showed us, so I've spent a while struggling with layers.  This end result is a concoction of a Spanish ruin, a sofa and a granddaughter plus a strange head/hat from a Spanish market - and a pepper (also from the Spanish market!

It's an interesting procedure and a huge amount of skills with Photoshop would be necessary plus vast quantities of imagination and time.  I'm not sure it's something I will pursue very much but it has potential.

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