Memorabilia and providence

On Friday BobsBlips blipped a shot of Abergavenny which stirred memories from the past as my Auntie, who passed away in 2013, lived there up until after my Uncle died in the 70’s. To refresh my memory of the tobacconist shop they had I delved into a couple of boxes that had not been truly looked in since my auntie had moved into the Willows here in Rippingale back in 2012, and found the address.
In the comments to BobsBlips I mentioned a snack bar my Uncle and Auntie had started out with on the bus station.  When I put the documents back into the boxes I found something flat and heavy in the bottom of one of them, which only turned out to be an old photo taken of my Auntie in the snack bar – coincidence or what, perhaps providence?  Note the time on the clock – she used to open up before 6am for the bus drivers.
Well I just had to do still life of some of the bits I found in the box including the photo, and a separate shot of the photo (at extra).   I think you may find some of the individual bits appearing in still life shots in the future.
This blip would have gone up yesterday afternoon (Sunday) except that I originally scanned the photo, and spent a lot of time getting rid of the dust spots etc.  The blip was almost SOOC, but when I compared the two the photo in the blip looked much better that the scanned version, something which is unusual with our current scanner, possibly due to the photo being sealed under glass.  So start again photographing the photo on its own.  Then it was time for the FNDG wash-up meeting  so I had to abandon proceedings and hence I’m blipping in the wee small hours of Monday.
Ref the Canon RF 24-105 lens, it is proving a masterpiece. One of the features is a built in focussing system with manual focus.  The distance info is not on the lens, but on the screen when in manual focus, plus a gauge that tells you when you are spot on.  Every day I find something new.

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