Just Me

By clive1079


Another beautiful day with blue skies and little cloud. 
Dragged myself to the gym this morning to try and burn off some of the weekends calorie intake. I probably did too much chest and upper arm exercises on the weights trying to get rid of the old man boobs. I think I may have a slight shoulder/neck strain. I keep forgetting I'm old, my brain still hasn't picked up on that yet.
I was talking to a fellow blipper this morning whilst I was gyming it and I did comment on the fact that I wanted to post more everyday photos about my life and that is what I will try to do more of.
One place I go to a lot as you probably already know is the Hare Krishna Temple. Not because I am a follower but firstly because it is a couple of minutes away from where I live, but also because it is a very calming place and it's a joy to meet the people and to wander the grounds and a great place to chill out and meditate. 
So no apologies for todays blip! In the front grounds of the Manor House sit these two seats and in between is a tree sculpture that I have seen growing and growing over the summer and as it does they have been training it and moulding it to form a living tribute to the god Vishnu.  
The light here has always been good behind the trees and as the leaves have fallen then the light that gets through has become much more intense.

Anyway, home now and I just might have a Guinness or two to help my poor shoulder.

I hope everyone is having a great start to the week.

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