By strawhouse


The Little Misses have been counting down to Halloween for what feels like months. 
Each week they've been using their pocket money to buy Halloween tat treasures from Tescos and the Pound Shop. They assured me that I didn't have to do anything - they know I think Halloween has become a naff, commercial, expensive, over-hyped annoyance!! - and they would take care of decorating the house and preparing a party feast.
Yesterday they got out all the cobwebs, black tinsel, spiders, skeletons, ghosts, banners, streamers, skull candles, skull jugs and shot glasses, black lace tablecloths and ghoulish cake stand and got to work in the living room.
It looked AMAZING!!!! Sniffy though I was I have to admit that it looked awesome. Like it had been done by a demented Leprechaun but awesome!!!
I took lots of photos but none of them do it justice!
This morning they went to my mum and dad's while I was working and on the way home they went into Tescos to get the food for their party tonight. They insisted I stay in car while they took care of it all. Eyeballs (hard boiled eggs), Bones and slime (carrots and humus), Dragons Blood (apple and mango squash), Brains (burgers) and Witches Fingers (sausages)
And some crisps, peanuts and Halloween cupcakes.
The rest of the afternoon was spent getting it all ready, giggling and, when it eventually got dark, getting changed and made up ready to head out and beg for food from strangers!
We left all our many, many pumpkins lit up outside, along with a cauldron on sweets and then set off.
We've always gone Trick or Treating in the village we used to live in but tonight we decided to stay local and head off round the houses near us and the adjoining village. It was ace. They looked great in their cat and Black Lady (not a witch) costumes and loved wandering around in the dark getting given sweets.
Mr K arrived as we were on the final leg, then it was time to head home for the party.
And we put on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - which was particularly enhanced by being watched on a TV festooned with cobwebs!! 
The Little Misses loved it all and, miserable anti-Halloween grouch that I am, I have to admit that I loved it too. 
Tomorrow it can all be packed away until next year!

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