By Mickky

Please do not enter the hallway

Captured this at Ginkakuji. I had visited the temple with my grandmother in May 2014, so this was the second time visit for me.

Before visiting Ginkakuji, we went to Eikando. There was a very interesting sign, asking you to keep the door closed so as not to let the wild monkeys come in; the phrasing was unique, making use of those words like 'fighting against monkeys invasion' (I don't remember exactly though). I was really tempted to capture but I didn't, as photographs were prohibited at the premises. But with hindsight simply capturing the sign itself might have been okay. It was simply that I hesitated to ask the staff if I could capture the sign, because I bet it would be the strangest request she's ever got...

Eikando was packed with visitors, with which I was kinda fed up and so I didn't capture any sign there. But Mikaeri Amida, an unusual statue of the Amida Buddha, which looks over its shoulder, rather than straight ahead, was worth seeing. 

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