Mostly Six Five Oh

By nhc

Redwood Creek

I don't normally cross the creek on this side at Veterans Blvd, usually I'm on the other bridge seen opposite on Main Street. The city has started a project that will restore the creek, right now it's looking a bit bleak, the continued unhealthy air quality from the Camp Fire smoke certainly isn't helping the look.

When we first moved here this part of the creek was full of heavy vegetation, mainly palm trees, it looked like an oasis.  As the project has begun in the last couple of months has seen people camping turfed out and then all the palms and other non-native plants torn out.  You can see there is an old shopping cart clearly visible at low tide, it is not alone, and they've not yet pulled it and its buddies out. There are some new trees planted but they're little saplings so their full potential has yet to make themselves known.

The creek is often busy with bird life, herons fishing, ducks, geese, etc., and I know the raccoon family that lives in the street drain near out building frequents the creek. I often see their muddy paw prints on the sidewalk. It was quiet today and I'm wondering if the air quality is doing something or because it's low tide.

The restoration project is due to be completed September 2021 so there's a ways to go yet. But it's a nice project and I'm glad they are trying to improve the water and habitat.

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