By Arachne

Water and lumens

It seems to be light in the darkness week (at least literally even if the metaphorical leaves a little to be desired). Tonight's was on Veronica's and my walk home after tapas East Oxford style and conversation in which we found it quite hard to stray from Brexit - so much to say and to wonder at... Then back to Bundle's for more of the same minus tapas.

Before that I was at a gathering in Abingdon of socially responsible businesses and not-for-profit organisations where the rules are: 1. Meet people. 2. Find out how you might be useful to each other, but 3. No marketing and no asking for money for anything. It's a good arrangement. Two leads, two other interesting conversations, and one question answered.

Also of note: very much to my surprise I ran for a bus I had no chance of catching, managed 50m without stopping (not much by other people's standards but I do not run) and caught it.

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