Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas


housebound red tabby
less outings more sleeping time
an ageing feline

Work and administrative duties, a foray into town to get Julie to an appointment and to run a few small errands.

Back home, a call to the chimney sweep so we can start using our wood pellets stove (temperatures have now sunk to the negatives).

A call from my parents who are currently on Reunion Island where a curfew has been instituted to try and quiet down the riots that have been going on at night in the past few days as a side effect of the "safety jackets" troubles/movement that started last Saturday.

Then I went to our weekly rehearsal of our Robin Hood pantomime. We've been off script since last week. We play in two months and there's quite a bit of work left to do, including learning our lines. I have about 300... :-D I'll get there! It was actually an excellent rehearsal, considering it was only the second week we didn't have our scripts onstage.

Extra: morning snack

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