Resident with camera

By Lawrie

Leeds Civic Hall

The sun was out today, and I had a meeting at the University. Meeting over, I was off to the pub for a "thank god it's Friday" beer.

This is one of the two clocks on each side of the Civic Hall, it is also topped on its spires by 9ft tall owls (a suitable subject for a later blip I feel). I've lived in Leeds for 8 years now, and I've walked past the hall countless times. But as I was bliping the clock today I noticed for the first time the four little turtles/tortoises facing the clock face. I understand the presence of the owl (three owls has been the official symbol of Leeds since the 1600's) but I have no idea why these little creatures are present.

And to top it off I had a nice pint!

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