Harry Potter Eat Your Heart Out . . .

OK ok –
Maybe it was not that bad
And maybe I’ve been playing in PS
And maybe I have flipped the picture to get the scar on the correct side
BUT it’s my scar and my headache!
Somebody – no names mentioned – tried to shut the car boot while holding a bags full of booze and stuff in one hand, and a jumbo pack of kitchen rolls in the other.
Car one, I lost . . .
AND it must have been bad because I dropped the bags – with the booze!!  Fortunately no casualties there, but muggings had to sit down for a while.
And it gave me a chance to use the EOS R in selfie mode – still playing.
(AND if anyone tells me I’ve got the scar 90 deg out I shall scream and scream until . . . !!!)

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