We took the train to Exeter this morning, arriving in time for late morning coffee. After coffee, in an independent next door to Nero which was busy, we went to have a look at the cathedral. There is a Christmas fare in the grounds, lots of interesting stalls and very busy. 

We had a wander down the High Street looking for lunch. The Real Food Cafe which we'd been in previously, 2013 according to my blip diary, had closed so we were forced to go to the Pret we'd passed on the way and had soup and toastie. 

Later we walked in the opposite direction, possibly heading for the Quays, and took a look at The House That Moved, a grade two building dated from 1430 that was to be demolished in 1961 to make room for a bypass.  The whole building, in tact, was moved a total of 90 metres over four days to it's resting place in West Street. See extra.
Details: http://www.exetermemories.co.uk/em/housethatmoved.php

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