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By Sheol

Incredible Edible Bristol

Wide Wednesday: Incredible Edible Bristol

Bob's challenge came with the themes "environmental portrait/workplace" and I think that I've probably managed to tick both of those boxes with this shot from Bristol's Castle Park community food growing movement's raised bed.

A long day at work was compounded by the nightmare journey home from hell.  I couldn't understand why the traffic was so bad.  Yes, it was raining but the rush hour should have been coming to an end by the time I was coming home.  Instead we crawled to the Keynsham by-pass which turned out to be shut after an accident.  Presumably quite a bad one for the police to have taken those steps :-((

The traffic going into Keynsham was so bad and moving so slowly that I actually turned around and drove back into Bristol in order to be able to start again and drive home the long way around.

Tomorrow involves a black tie dinner in the evening, so I may well be back blipping ... roll on the weekend :-)

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