Go With the Flow

Main photo: a spot I’ve been wanting to capture on CRR between Cedar and Fairmount Roads. My first shot included a great blue heron but didn’t make the cut since it took flight too far in the distance. Natch...

Extra: after leaving a deposit on a car to be settled up next week, Mr Mole suggested an impromptu short hike at Sulphur Springs where the winter gate is locked in place. We traversed the slippery ridge to the hairpin curve in the stream then walked back along the road. So far it’s only icy in one small section.

Despite the difficulties of living in the Lake Erie snow belt, I would sorely miss seeing dustings of snow and other treats of winter. So for now I’ll just go with the flow.

Wishing my American blipmates a happy Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanks to Cailleach for hosting WW.


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