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By djrose007

A late Birthday Present

Today the Black Friday sale started at Thunderroad, where I had my Shadow looked after and bought the CTX1300.
I've been using relatively cheap trousers and jacket bought when I went 'Back to Biking' in 2014 after getting the Suzuki on the road.

The trousers I burnt on the Shadow exhaust when I didn't have the heat shield on so they have had funny patches. Got an almost brand new pair of RST locally off gumtree so the trousers are ok but I've been hankering after a new jacket for a while.
Today I went and got the one in the photograph and also waterproof gloves courtesy of my Sister in Law, Fiffi, as she gave me a gift voucher for Thunderroad when she was visiting form Taz in the Summer.
The gloves being used up to now were £11.00 in Lidl and they are still fine in the summer but they are not waterproof, as you might think being leather. Riding with wet gloves can make you feel very cold.

Just read through the next bit and it a bit like an Brit Awards speech!

Other fabulous presents I got (Birthday was Tuesday, 20th) were som terrific cards and:
A commemorative £5.00 coin from Sister in Law Sonia - THANK YOU XX
A thick, soft, dressing gown from F.M.i.L. Thank you XX 
Tin of Shortbread (Spitfire tin in extras) from Nephew Dax, Thanks mate.
Vulcan mug and Vulcan hand cut silhouette (By John Speight in Northumberland), and a £ for every year of my life, from my Aunty Kathleen. A very emotional card from her too as we grew up like sister and brother rather than aunty and nephew. Thank you very much Aunty Kathleen. XX
A Souter Point (Lighthouse) mug and coaster, by North East artist Emma Scott, from Uncle Bill and his friend Betty. Souther Point is on the top of the cliffs at South Shields and it is the last place I saw my father alive. Thanks Bill and Betty XX
A jumper and excellent thermal socks (for on the bike) - Thank you Julia and Dean XX
A folding travel straw (stainless steel with a high grade flexible rubber inside) for when I go camping and a mug which proclaims that I am the proud father in law of an awsome daughter in law (and it's no joke, I am :-)  ) Thank you Daniel, Dhylan, Lennon, Hendrix and my awsome F.D.i.L. Joanne. XX
Lovely pullover and 'The Chase' electronic game and a handmade 'This is Your Life' card, remembering some very embarrasing times from my life from Johanna and Luke - Thanks you two XX I have to admit that instead of cringing at the events portayed I roared with laughter!!

It was a very good day all round and I have stipulated Taglatelle and Meatballs for Sunday dinner this weekend so I've got that to look forward to. I love all foreign foods but particuarly Italian food.

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