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Running Tally

Hi everyone. This is a quick note to let you know of a small change we'll be making over the next few days.

While we were looking for something else, we found a small bug in the website we inherited when the community took over Blipfoto. It will have affected a few people in a very specific set of circumstances, so not an impact to many people. But for a few, the journal count displayed on your profile doesn't quite match the actual number of photos you've posted. How hard is it to count? Harder than first thought it seems!

We've fixed the site and are going to correct the counts for those affected. We'll follow these rules:

- If you've not logged into your account for more than 3 months, we'll make the correction straight away. But then - if you've not logged in for 3+ months, you'll also not see this post!

- For more recent users, we'll do the correction in the next couple of days if the difference is small and you're nowhere near a blipday. 

- If you're near a blipday, we'll contact you individually before making the correction, to let you know what the date effect would be on your blipday.

- In the very unlikely event there is a big difference in counts, we'll also contact you before making the correction.

If you have any questions, then please do post a query to the Blip Helpdesk (using the "Ask Us" option) rather than a comment below. It's simpler for us to check the blip help there than in both locations. Thank you.

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