By Torag

Dog Leg

I was over the water today, primarily to visit my mother-in-law but also to run some other errands.
The sun was shining and Feargal was smiling at me so he was allowed to join me. My first solo outing apart from a few parking manoevres. For those not familiar with Feargal, he's a 928 from 1980 and he's been a bit sick so has only recently been returned to road worthiness. I've been nervous to take him out until Mr T was satisfied that he was well enough. Today was that day!
Lots of things to get used to, handbrake on the right hand side, dog leg gearbox and strange pedal positions being the most obvious but you get used to it. First part of journey was a bit 'Driving Miss Daisy' but I soon relaxed. Had I not had a meeting to attend near home, I might have driven a bit longer.  

Happy Thanksgiving to those blippers celebrating today x

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