One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

It's behind you!!!

What exactly is behind you... I'm not sure. 
It is art I suppose. For there was an opening. And a lot of very self conscious people who had spent an awful long time getting dressed and made-up and practicing the effortlessly cool look. And there was plonk wine. In both red and white variety. And Christophe and I played the Spot the Artist game. And it was a difficult game. Because a lot of people had dressed liked they might be an artist. But in the end we found the artist. After Googling him. And because in fairness he was the one who had tried the hardest to look like an artist, with the two-tone shoes, the trousers two decades too young, the woolly hat, the oversized headphones, and the moth-eaten long coat (he must have gone through an awful lot of trouble to procure the moths in sufficient numbers to obtain such noticeably perfect moth holes in his woollen coat). 

The pints and chat beforehand helped.
The plonk and chat during helped. 
The pints and chat afterward were enjoyable. 

In three months' time, I'll have no recollection of the self-indulgent conceptual wank I saw tonight. 

Were it not for blipfoto. 

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