Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

I'd promised a friend that I'd come to the gym either on Wednesday or Friday. Since I didn't go Wednesday...well, there was no excuses. Cold and frosty outside. My friend said that he now recognises Sweden, with the cold and I agreed with him. This mild autumn has been really strange.. 
It was nice to get to the gym again, even though I didn't want to this morning. We met yet another gym friend and had a great time together, mixing working out and chatts about anything and everything. One of the guys is a bit shy when it comes to speaking Swedish and I tried to tell him that the only thing is to practice, practice and practice. I told him about my former students and what I did to teach them. I made a deal with the gym friend not speaking Swedish... I would practice Swedish with him, and he would teach me how to do deadlift ( a weight lifting exercise with a wide steal bar and weights on both sides). A deal we both get something good out of. :) It will also get easier to get to the gym now that I have friends there and I choose to do my exercises in the 'cave' and not the room were only women are allowed. The other friend made a noice when he tried the weight I had on in one of the exercises I was doing. He wasn't impressed... :D I thought: 1) I haven't done this exercise in several weeks, 2) it's a new cable cross and I don't know how much I can lift, and 3) it was the first set! The next set I had more weight, and the last even more... But then, of course, he was far away. :D He knows I'm strong, and reminds me of it from time to time, so it was a joke.
When I came home I had to run some errands and saw this frosty leaf on the ground, one of many, and though it would be perfect as todays blip. 

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