By Rosemarie55

Full Frost Moon!

Strictly speaking this is a Waning Gibbous as the Full Moon was at 5.39 on the 23rd November, but I was fast asleep then☺  The cloud was pretty thick at just after midnight today, but I did manage a reasonable shot of it in between cloudy spells.  The American Indians had names for the November Full Moon like Beaver Moon, Drying Grass Moon, and Falling Leaf Moon, but the one I like best is Frost Moon.  Just feels more delicate and pure!  Not sure if it deserves the Silly Saturday label  - but it was very silly to hide behind the clouds like it did, when it could have been displaying its splendour across the sky so very vividly. Or, on the other hand, perhaps I was silly to attempt blipping it while the sky was so overcast☺  Anyway, whichever, thank you 'admirer' for hosting the challenge so generously.

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