Blips by cb

By cbimages

Sandy Heath

This mast is very tall; I think that it says 892ft on the aeronautical charts and that governs the Safety Altitude for a radius of 25 nautical miles, making the minimum altitude that you should descend to 1,900ft.  Let's call that 2,000ft for cash.

It's actually quite difficult to see until you're quite close and the wires are almost invisible except in certain conditions.  A colleague of mine got very close to a mast a few decades ago, so close that he clipped one of the support wires – with his upper wing (he had some bank on) so his cockpit must have been very close to the mast in question.

So, at a loss for a Blip for today, I drove into the woods near this mast and found a vantage point for several shots from which I could make this mono HDR shot using my widest lens.

The extra shot is of the woods, again with the wideangle lens but with intentional camera movement ("ICM").

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