By Yorkshirebred

Silly Saturday

Our community choir were singing before the Christmas lights switch on in Bingley.  Bus was late through the village, so only just had time to sink a lovely mulled cider before we did our set - over 100 of us so we sort of took over the market square!  The crowd seemed to appreciate us, although we harmony singers struggled a little at the back as we couldn't hear the rest of the choir.  Someone took videos, and thankfully we didn't sound too bad!  The photo is of some alien looking balloons which were being sold to unsuspecting victims customers, for £5 a time!  Took a photo of the tree, but too much light pollution from the stalls (extra).  The trees around the Arts Centre looked nice, but I accidentally deleted the image whilst sorting unwanted photos!  Silly Saturday indeed!   Skipton lights switch on tomorrow!!  Thanks to Admirer for hosting.

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