Dawn's Journal

By DawnP

Robin Territory

The honeysuckle growing over the arch is so overgrown that it keeps setting the security light off at night in the wind.  So today I took the secateurs to it. 

Having removed the worst of the overhang, I stuffed the trimmings into the garden bin, and was standing back to admire my handiwork when a robin dropped down to pick up the insects and grubs I'd obviously dislodged.  A few minutes later, a second makes an appearance.  I always thought robins were territorial, but these were obviously a pair (both sexes sport redbreasts) or were too hungry to care.  They hung around long enough for me to head indoors to grab the camera, including a lens change, but I didn't manage to get a shot of both together.

While I had the camera in hand, I swung it around to pick up a shot of the Winter flowering Jasmine (extra)

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