Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo


Yesterday I managed to get an appointment with the Minor Illness Nurse because of a sore ear. Didn’t fancy flying with an ear infection. She diagnosed an outer ear infection which could be treated with an antibiotic spray. That was good news. I had an inner ear infection in Greece years ago and the eardrum ruptured on the flight home.

Today, and despite the diagnosis, the eardrum ruptured. Bugger. So I have what I assume are brains leaking out of my ear now.
We have driven up to Northumbria for a reunion of C’s family. This is the complete set. Like all young people, they are obsessed with their portable telephones. Using the miracle of modern technology, they managed to have a four-way Messenger call. Amazing. And, yes, they were all in the same room.

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