By loisbiz

A Big Yawn

Our resident Bald Eagles (near my home in Portland) have returned from their journey north. They left in August to take their Juvenile to Canada and they returned, as expected, without her. I saw the two adults in their usual tree this afternoon. I don't know why the white on his head was so dirty; they usually are a bright white and I marvel at how they stay so clean.....but not today.
This is a different eagle than I posted a few days ago.....that one was at the beach.
Our morning today was very foggy and it only cleared up a little during the day..... it was still very overcast at 3pm when I went out with my camera. The light was awful and the pair was at the top of a big fir....quite a distance away (see extras. they are in the tallest fir tree in that second extra photo!).... this is the best photo I got when he yawned. I suppose it gets a bit boring sitting up there for hours, scouting for food. Both of them flew to near their nest right after I took these shots. I drove over there and I could see them perched near the nest. 
I came home to continue editing my Costa Rica photos.

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