Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Tiny ......

........ flower still surviving on the Lavender! It's less than an inch long!

For Tiny Tuesday .... thanks to JDO for hosting :-)

I've been amazed to see the Lavender flowering for a second time ..... albeit very small flowers ....... I've never known that happen before!

I have been waiting for it to finally finish before cutting it back .... but with bad weather coming & a brief dry spell this morning .... I decided I could wait no longer! So nipped out & cut it down. The last flowers are now on the kitchen windowsill.

Thought this tiny flower would work for my blip ...... not very pleased with the result .... but after trying various different ways of taking the photo .... this was the best ...... hope you like it :-)

Poor Hubby had a bad start to the day! Went out to get the car to go to work & discovered we have a flat tyre! He ended up having to get a taxi which cost an arm & a leg! He's hoping to be able to get a lift home this evening! Good thing it's his day off tomorrow .... hopefully we can get it sorted then ..... just hoping it can be repaired as we had new tyres fairly recently!

On top of that Mum is having a complete new central heating system installed this week & is rather stressed about it all ...... just hoping we don't get any emergency calls overnight as we have no transport to get to her ..... hey ho! Whatever will be will be!

Tomorrow is another day :-)

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