... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Wimbledon Park: Splashy Scamper

Less languid in large.
Posturing with ripply reflections 
Bread line swan family 
Feeding frenzy

I couldn't choose, so am blipping my first shot...
I mostly photographed autumn, dropletsripples, and reflections (all inc. swans), and then got caught up in a feeding frenzy (people brought bread which brought everyone over...); I got a lot of fun photos (NOT double exposure) today, but have now just given up on trying to cut them down further or pick a favourite.

Swan portraits: Autumn reflectionsPosed & peaceful, Pendulous
Feeding frenzy: Splash & crash, Waiting robinHesitant jackdaw, Coots & pigeons
Amusing: Cygnet surfing gull, Swan surfing cootCoot failing to leave the water

Others here (or right from Coot runnings 2/2)

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