Tough Choice

I was ready for a quiet evening after a traumatic visit to the dentist for the removal of a back tooth which has got too big for its boots.  I haven't had an extraction in years but it always takes me back to the School Dental Service on Manor Row in Bradford and that awful black mask coming towards me, the smell of it and then the tearful coming round feeling horribly woozy.   However,  there I was laid back, trying vainly to do my breathing exercises, ready for Maria to go in big style after the initial probing,  when I felt the chair move down and I was done!

I do have a very thick face and it's miserable outside so the tough choice for the evening is between my new jigsaw, excellent reading or finishing that Twiddlemuff, there's retirement for you!  Before then we are going down to the Memorial Hall to Haydn's meeting about the village beck and how it may be looked after.  Layers on then!

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