By AnneILM60

What. . .

Happened to my day?!

I was up and out the door to ensure that I would be the first person at the nail salon this morning, and I was.

After Tommy did my nails for me, I showed a picture of nails with this design and Tina painted them for me. She informed me that I was the first Christmas nail design request of the season. We laughed when she was saying that because the woman beside me was also wanting her nails done in Christmas festive mode.

After leaving the nail salon, I swung by the garden center to pick up 4 small Christmas Cacti that Kent was wanting. Saw some nice tulip bulbs while there and got some to put in the ground over the next couple of weeks to have in the spring!

From there I went to get the car inspected (MOT) and an oil change. Yay, so glad that goes smoothly and is just time consuming. Tomorrow I now get to pay my taxes & tags on my car.

Once home it was back to working on my quilled wreaths. I now have all the ones going over seas done, their cards written and addressed. I have 5 wreaths left to make.

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