So Pleased.. to See Some Sunshine

After all the gloom of the past few weeks we had some sunshine today. There are still a lot of dark clouds around and I think that Akaroa may have had some rain.

It really wasn't my day for anything... first I couldn't get a car-park where I wanted to go. After getting one a long way away I found the shop didn't have what I was looking for. Also I needed to get a parcel off to Canada. When I went to pay for the postage I was told that all parcels and letters are on hold to Canada. There has been a postal strike there for few weeks and they are not accepting any mail from anywhere to enter the county and to try again next week. I am so pleased I bought the girls Christmas presents when I was in Canada. I am sure this parcel will not reach Canada before Christmas. 

This afternoon I went to put up some of my holiday photos on Flickr and the found the website down. I did manage to get a few up at later in the day. A very frustrating day.

I was going to go to Akaroa today... pleased I didn't with all that has happened to me so far today. It was to have rained today so thought Friday may be the better day to go. Rain is predicted for tomorrow now. But hopefully after that we will get a few fine days. I will catch up with you all when I get back to Christchurch again.

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