I Think.....

...... you've been eating too many carrots Rudolph!!

Spotted this at a local supermarket, they also had a blow-up Santa, and a mini blow-up Merry-go-Round.  I thought they were rather fun.

Have spent most of the day inside, apart from popping out to get some solar lights for the front of the house.

I've started on the decorations.  I've got plenty of time so I'm taking it easy putting them up.  And I've actually been quite tidy whilst doing them too, so far.

I've put up 3 trees, put the lights on them, but haven't decorated them yet.

The temp has gone down to about 30c, so not so bad as yesterday.  The local bushfire, has been put out.  We could see all the smoke yesterday, and Oxenford, which is only about 6kms from us was evacuated.  But it's a big area, so I don't actually think the houses closest to us were too affected.  Still, it's a bit close for comfort.

it was very windy yesterday, which doesn't help, as it pushes the bushfires along at an alarming rate.

Tonight on the news they've told us that at least 100 fires are burning across Queensland!  Storms are forecast for tomorrow, hopefully with some rain.

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