Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown


There is nothing appealing to me about going outdoors at the moment. It is so grey and wet and windy. I know that there is allegedly no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothing, but I am not convinced about this.

I took some photos out of the window. I notice that the fuchsia bush is looking very leafy green whereas in the summer with the baking heat (remember that?) it had small thin yellow leaves and looked like a different plant altogether. I wonder do those leaves change and become these verdant green ones or are they shed and replaced with these? It is an amazing thing. And the grass across the road in the park that was the palest yellow scorched to death it appeared, well that is now normal grassy grass again.

I put some crumbled up bread out for the birds, brown bread with seeds in it, the stale crusts. They seemed to love it. But am I doing a bad thing? It is very hard to know. I am not going to go out and buy bird food, but if I have scraps that I would throw out am I being irresponsible giving them to the birds and/or squirrels and/or rats? There was a piece on TV last night about swans and ducks starving because the message not to feed them white bread has been so successful that people are not feeding them anything. And there was a lady with arms full of loaves of white bread in plastic bags saying they need to put on weight to get them through the winter, it is better than nothing. But she could have put that effort in to giving them grains and peas and green leaves? But how can we make sense of what to feed animals or not if we cannot figure out what to feed ourselves. I don't know why anyone has white sliced bread, it seems to have so little nutritional value. I did some internet research and couldn't decide what to think about the articles for and against the bird feeding.

This is the difficulty with any topic and is something covered in one of the courses that I am doing at the moment - 'The Science of Climate Change Denial'. It is the issue of who can we believe, how much conflicting information there is and so difficult to trust anyone - government, experts, scientists. And the propaganda machine doesn't need to make us believe any particular point of view, it just needs to keep us in perpetual doubt and confusion about what to believe and thereby we are a passive population. That's partially what fake news is all about.

I read Doris Lessing's autobiographies more than a year ago and one of the things that has stuck with me is when she wrote about the zeitgeist after the war. I think often what is the zeitgeist now. Is there such a thing as the mood of a nation? Or is it an illusion just the zeitgeist of the limited circle of like minded people that we interact with. I think at the moment there is the terribly scary thing of Brexit and what a total balls up it is going to make. With that I don't know what to believe. Do we need to be stockpiling? Will things really run out or shoot up in price or will it be like all of the Millennium Bug zeitgeist that was unnecessary worrying? I really have no idea. What times these are.

PS Since I watched it all go, I am pretty sure that the bread I put out was only eaten by small birds - species: blackbird, robin, sparrow, thrush, blue tit.

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