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By MissusW

20 Years!

Wedding anniversary trip. We got the Caledonian Sleeper (which is a bit of a misnomer) to London, down one night & back the next. We had booked Madame Tussaud's and the Eye, went to see the Bomber Command memorial, and did a lot of walking - sore feet by the time we'd done. Then we met D's cousin A & told her we wanted to go to the Bike Shed, so she took us there easily with her local knowledge. It's a motorcycle club come restaurant & (strangely) barbers, with motorcycles on display & customer bike parking all under some railway arches. What a great place, it would be good to be there when it's busy - it was quite quiet being Wednesday afternoon. We watched a stream of men go in & leave with practically the same haircut (all with beards, naturally). We had a lovely meal, then A brought us back to Euston via the Tube at rush hour - quite an experience for us hillbillies! We actually slept a bit on the way home on the sleeper :)
The motorcycle in the pic is by Arch, actor Keanu Reeves' company.
Fave waxwork, Tom Hardy

Extras, a very tame grey squirrel, not like our reds; A fancied some wings; Bomber Command memorial

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