By dogwithnobrain

It’s raining again

So the wind and rain came; and I quite enjoyed it.

I would have enjoyed it more without nighttime - I like to see the trees bend and the rain bounce off the ground; and the leaves blow around and people walking their dogs horizontally.

But not last night it was black, dark, dark and black.

This morning it was Still raining so I drove himself to work; I wasn’t having my love getting wet to walk to The station no way. And the more time I get to spend with him the better.

And then I went to work and watched the rain fall no wind tho. It had gone away.

But it’s back and it’s dark again!

I had a row at work today and I flounced. I admit; hands up. I hate arguing with people at work but they were being rude and stupid so I flounced and said ‘I’m out of it, f you lot’. Oh my god they drove me insane

So when I came home i baked choklatterbollocks.

I feel so much chiller now


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