By suehutton

Black Swan

A restful day today although I did get a colour chart off to Fotospeed for a custom icc profile.

Len drove Basil and me to the marketplace to post it where I was also able to put in an order for a turkey crown with Mr Twigg, the butcher. Basil and I climbed the church hill afterwards and walked home, so we got a little bit of exercise.

Conflicting news about Colin. We were told that he'd had another stroke on Tuesday after being discharged to stay at his son's house but then he phoned Len a bit later this evening sounding quite chipper. I'm still going to try and get to see him tomorrow.

A photographic workshop at Michael Lau Photography in the evening using colour gels in lighting. Ellie Mai was our model wearing a black tutu for her first set. I asked her to imagine being the Black Swan.

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