By Artyfartyannie

A very Colourful Birthday with the Mafia

All my other shots of the day were rubbish so I'm posting a sort of collage of the many photos taken by my friend who is a dab hand with her phone. This is how I wanted it to be in the end for the blip to give more of a feeling of the day which was really all day in Glasgow firstly in the Oran Mor for a pie and a pint and an adult pantomime .........very Glaswegian and hilarious. It was called "The lying Bitch and the Wardrobe" The day ended in our favourite tapas restaurant where there was much hilarity booze and great food. We all took taxis, subways and trains to get home. I completely conked out in the train and then Mr AF conked out on the settee when he got home...... We had had far too good a day. Well that's it for another year. Many thanks to Willie and Anne for organising. It's not easy to get the mafia together as they are all so busy and we all have millions of grandchildren. It really is our turn to do the same as soon as.........................we get our heads round it.

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