By seizetheday


November trip - backblip 6

After saying goodbye to MrM's dad, we headed for Gainsborough to meet Angus for a coffee and catchup. In the New Year he's off on his travels for around 6 months, hoping to take some photos that will make him some money, with a view to a career in photography.

Until he returns we're storing his guitars, four of them, for safe keeping. Once they were loaded in to the car, we set off on the last leg of our journey, stopping en route in Thirsk for a meal. Another dull, wet day, and this is the only photo I took - Christmas has come to Thirsk. Impossible to ignore it any longer, though it still seems far too mild...

Gone 7.00pm when we arrived back in Wooler, and by the time we'd unpacked the car, neither of us was keen to go to the monthly Open Mic. So it was an evening in front of the TV and an early night.

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