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Naked Wines

A better day weather-wise today, but not a better day for the Internet, which keeps going on and off. It took three hours this morning for me to do some OU work, which should have taken one hour. I rang BT and it seems their system got confused and thought there were two jobs booked for one line, which it seems is not possible. Eventually the person I was dealing with, who was brilliant, put through a notification to the “Back Office” and they will ring me Monday morning between 0800 and 0900 hours.

The wine, which should have arrived on Monday, arrived late last night and is the subject of today’s picture and the extra; this wine is from Naked Wines. I have also ordered another case of wine, with some excellent freebies, from Virgin Wines, which will arrive on Monday. As the only wine drinker in the household, I now have plenty to last for a while. I belong to two wine clubs; both give me discounts or add money to my account when my monthly payment goes in.

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