... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Wimbledon Park: Swanny Sun Salutation

More pandiculatory in large.
Extra: Bolshy begging

Last day of my (meteorological) autumn album, so I went to Wimbledon Park early to photograph the autumn colours in the (forecast) sunshine. The rising sunshine was warming(ish) and the swans and big cygnets were on good form, so photographing autumn leaves &c. mostly went out of the window, and I was sure that I'd be blipping one of my preening, fanned feathers, or swanny shape pics. but in the end this shaking pic. and a swan feeder getting pushed around by a particularly bolshy cob seemed more interesting.
A cormorant (splashing outposing, and flapping) and a feeding frenzy were also competitors.

Others here (or right from Swan shapes)

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