Gaia's Child

By maura143

Lucky Dog

Lilly Lu, the big dog on the left enjoyed playing with (Tenacious) Teddy on the right this morning at the DogPark. Lilly is an 'owner surrender' and was adopted by Riley's mom and dad. When they brought her home they noticed that she seemed very subdued for such a young dog (under 2 years). She also wouldn't pick her head up to look into their faces. Although she was all caught up with her required shots they took her to their vet because she had a black incisor and a couple of other front teeth were broken, like maybe she was kept in a crate for long periods of time. When the vet checked her mouth and throat he found a fish hook with line attached caught in her esophagus and a nasty infection at the site. After the dental work and removal of the fish hook, Lilly Lu was a "completely different dog"! Well I would guess so! Lucky Dog Lilly Lu! 
A Peaceful Weekend to All of You!

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